Dear Self, I survived 2020.

Jazel Castillo
2 min readDec 30, 2020
Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

How has been your 2020?

You may say it’s crazy, shitty, wrecking ball. Some will say, I learned to bake or I have time with my kids. Name it.

Whatever 2020 feels you are right now, you deserve a toast and a seal of ‘bravery’ badge. Why not?

You and I still made it through. We’re breathing. We chose to live and survive this year, whatever it takes.

I’m sharing my top 10 learnings based from my experience as I juggle, hustle and pick myself up this 2020. This year hit me so hard and gave me the best learnings about life and love.

May these list inspire you to say: “dear self, I survived 2020.”

#1. Let go of insecurities including frustrations and pushing for perfection.

#2. Be more forgiving to yourself, to those who have hurt you and for those who chose not to stay.

#3. Be mindful. Take care of yourself. Eat well. Listen to your body. Rest up and take breaks.

#4. Be at peace with your present. Don’t overthink the what ifs. Let your future be your guest and your past be your teacher.

#5. You grow when you take time and effort to embrace hardships. Don’t skip the pain. Learn to get up again, and again and again.

#6. Stay curious always. Upskill. Read more books. Join a class. Get yourself busy with a hobby.

#7. When you plan and it doesn’t work, strive to still be thankful as it may lead to a better plan. Be open to life’s surprises and not put too much control in your life.

#8. Trust the process. Your life is in a series of ups, downs, high, lows and a bunch of plot twists.

#9. Laugh with your sister. Send an e-hug emoji to a friend. Or say thank you to a delivery man. Dress up whenever you feel to. You spark joy in your life. Don’t find it. Do it.

#10. Love more the people in front of you. Love again if you miss your first, second or even third chance. Choose to love and be loved.

Together, let’s say hello to a braver you this 2021.



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